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65 Hollywood Stars Undercut Energy Independence – They’re Pushing To Defund Another Major Gas Pipeline


Never let it be said that Hollywood celebrities can’t make a bad problem worse. Remember when they all sang “Imagine” during the lockdowns? As the world was falling apart, they showed off their giant mansions and abundant wealth, letting us know that—sure, we might be losing our jobs—but they are all doing just fine. Well, these same pathetic hypocrites are back again.

Celebrities seem to think the rest of the world bows to their whims. They often push radical, leftist policies, unconcerned with how they’ll hurt regular folks. After all, these rich people won’t be affected by inflation, rising gas prices, and open borders. Now, as the world faces an environmentalist-induced energy crisis, they are demanding a vital pipeline be shut down.

From Daily Wire:

A group of A-list celebrities recently signed a letter to City National’s parent company, the Royal Bank of Canada, demanding that they defund the Canada Gas pipeline.

According to Fox News, the open letter pleads with the Royal Bank of Canada to “withdraw support from the Coastal GasLink pipeline, effective immediately” because they are “bankrolling the climate crisis and violating the rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

The signatures include more than 65 famous names.

A group of 65 entitled, selfish celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, and Scarlett Johansson signed a letter demanding a pipeline in Canada be defunded and shut down. Just as energy prices are skyrocketing, they want to make the problem much worse by destroying this pipeline.

Pipelines, you might know, are amazing. Instead of having to ship fuel on trains or tanker trucks (which are costly and dangerous methods of moving fuel), fuel is moved quickly through permanent pipes. They are carefully constructed, away from cities and sensitive areas, and pose little danger to the environment.

But globalists who are trying to compete with U.S. and Canadian energy sources hate them. So, they hyped up false claims that these pipelines “hurt” native people groups. And these globalists get rich, entitled celebrities to pull stunts like this.

If this bank does pull funding and the pipeline fails, expect prices to rise even higher. The loss will constrict the way companies transport fuel, reducing supply and increasing costs. But Mark Ruffalo doesn’t care. He lives in a gated community in La La Land. He’s not bothered when working families in America or Canada struggle to heat their homes or put gas in their cars.

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