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Kamala Suffers Historic Exodus In Her First Year – The Vice President Has Already Lost 10 Top Officials

Over the last year, we’ve discussed just how poor “Vice President” Kamala Harris’ performance has been. Joe Biden has a low approval, yet this Democrat’s is even worse—at one point scoring a horrendous 28% approval.

Every time she appears on camera, she fumbles the ball. She’s best known for laughing nervously at questions—and saying things that make children cringe.

But things are much worse than we can see online. Rumors have surfaced that her office is not just poorly run—it’s total chaos. Both Kamala and her chief of staff berate and mistreat staffers.

One report claimed Kamala insults anyone she feels inferior to. Those rumors must have a grain of truth since a historic exodus has resulted in her losing 10 top officials.

From The Daily Wire:

Yet there’s been a steady flow — a torrent, actually — of top-level staffers bailing out of high-paying, cushy positions in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office…

But wait: Literally as I was writing this column, a TENTH staffer bailed…

And an unnamed staffer told The Washington Post, “With Kamala, you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why.”

One thing IS clear though: People just keep quitting their high-paying, cushy jobs to get away from Harris.

And here’s some commentary from Fox News:

Working in the vice president’s office is not only prestigious, but it is often a stepping stone to greater jobs. You can’t get much higher, short of working for the president himself. To that, there is great pay and a lot of respect. Yet, Kamala’s office is so dysfunctional, such a mess, that many of her top staff are leaving for lower-ranked jobs. The latest to quit, Nancy McEldowney, isn’t even taking another job—according to reports.

To date, ten top staffers have left the vice president’s office for demotions or no job at all. It seems like it is so terrible working for Kamala, these people don’t even want to ride it out for the rest of the term. You’d think they would just suck it up until 2024, then jump to a campaign or something. Nope. They need to get out, now. And it’s only confirming the rumors we’ve heard.

Several reports suggest Harris is “soul-destroying” in the way she criticizes employees. One said it felt like “propping up a bully.” Really? The liberal media praised Kamala because she was a woman of color. They never bothered to investigate her track record and leadership abilities. Had they, they might not have been so quick to praise her.

Kamala’s Senate office and presidential campaign were reportedly just as bad. And it doesn’t seem that anyone in Biden’s camp is willing to step in and set it right. Meanwhile, all this confusion, chaos, and incompetence is hurting one group the most: the American people.

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