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After Biden’s $5.7T Bill Cracks Wide Open – Ted Cruz Exposes Joe’s Liberal Wish List And Tax Hikes

Biden failed to get his radical “Build Back Better” spending package passed. But that’s okay, because hope springs eternal. And as long as Democrats have a majority in Congress, the old crook will keep trying to bankrupt our country making socialists happy. He just released his annual budget this week. And the price tag is even higher than his failed spending bill.

From Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden is aiming to shell out more than $11 billion for climate spending in other countries, according to the White House’s more than $5.7 trillion budget released on Monday.

The proposal, which comes weeks after Congress approved the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill for the rest of the year, would allocate $44.9 billion “to tackle the climate crisis.” Such a feat would spawn a $16.7 billion increase from 2021 spending on climate.

Is Joe really this insane? He is demanding a $5.7 trillion budget. Billions of that will go to battle “climate change.” Much of that cash won’t even go to programs in the United States. So, Biden’s trying to use “climate change” to pay off his buddies overseas?

Sen. Ted Cruz was in no way pleased and he blasted old Joe.

From YouTube:

Joe Biden’s radical spending budget for 2023 reaches a staggering $5.7 trillion. Billions of that money will go to climate spending—even in countries other than the United States. Biden also wants to raise taxes on billionaires, a move that will surely move billionaires out of the country.

It seems this budget is crazier than Biden’s BBB agenda—and would bankrupt our country in seconds.

Ted Cruz slammed Biden’s budget, calling it a socialist’s budget. He warned that the budget will slam regular Americans with higher taxes. One of the reasons for that, the video explains, is that corporations never pay their (already high) taxes themselves. They always find ways of passing the burden onto us. They either raise prices on their products or lay off staff—in some cases thousands of hard-working Americans.

We saw what happens when the government cuts taxes (under Trump). Companies spent more on salaries, hired more workers, and gave more money to charities. Biden has zero interest in seeing any of this happen and instead wants more of our money in the hands of crooked government officials. Do you trust Biden and his cronies with your money? Of course, not.

The only silver lining is that there is no way this budget is going to become a reality. And if Republicans retake Congress in November, we might actually be able to shut Biden down for good.

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