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After California GOP Tries To Pause Gas Tax – Democrats Actually Strip The Bill And Jam In Tax Increases

All across the country, Americans have been forced to pay unreasonably high gas prices. We are sitting on more untapped energy than most countries in the world. Yet we are getting most of our gas from overseas. Energy companies have been hamstrung by Biden’s policies, forcing the price to go higher and higher.

Some states have tried to come up with temporary solutions. Re-elections are coming up and state lawmakers are eager to protect their jobs, while helping Americans make ends meet. One Republican in California put forward a bill to suspend their extremely high gas tax ($0.51 per gallon). But Democrats pulled a dirty trick and somehow did the exact opposite.

From Red State:

A Republican California legislator has introduced a bill meant to suspend the state’s .51 cent gas tax. The move comes in response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s convoluted plan to relieve the gas tax burden on Californians by offering a $400 rebate per Californian, per registered vehicle…

Democrats ambushed the Republican minority and replaced a tax relief bill with a tax hike bill that will use the new, higher taxes to send rebates to Californians paying higher taxes on their energy than ever before. And they didn’t just amend the tax holiday into a tax hike…they passed it out of committee, with Kiley’s name still on it.

Well, somebody’s taking crazy pills and it ain’t us! Rep. Kevin Kiley from California’s state legislature put forward a bill to help ailing residents. It was going to suspend the state’s high gas tax, to temporarily lower prices at the pump (which are over $5 a gallon). What did Democrats do? They removed the tax cut and put in a tax hike. And they kept Kiley’s name on the bill, so voters will think it was the Republican’s idea.

Talk about scum bags.

This increased tax is supposed to pay for rebate checks that will be sent to Californians who are paying more for gas. Does that make no sense to you? California will take more money from residents to give them checks for paying for more money for energy. If that isn’t the dumbest thing I ever heard of…

Hey, idiots! How about you just suspend the drastic taxes, fines, and fees that are making energy prices so high? California has the highest prices for gas, because of much more than just the gas tax. They have burdensome “green” policies that hammer energy companies—increasing the price of gas, electricity, and heating. All the alternative energy in the world isn’t bringing prices down.


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