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Biden Launches New Border Security Rule – But It’s Only Going To Make The Southern Border Less Safe

The media would love nothing more than for you to forget that silly border crisis. Over last year, 2 million migrants bombarded our border. Biden’s DHS ignored our laws, letting in countless strangers. Biden even used COVID money to house these migrants and bus them all over the country. And it looks like it’s getting worse.

Biden has no intentions of protecting our border. He doesn’t even seem to be obeying the Supreme Court, which ruled to keep “Remain in Mexico.” His administration is actively working to help migrants, even as they break our laws. Now, a major change is coming that is going to make the problem much worse

From Fox News:

DHS is set to implement a new rule substantially changing the role of asylum officers of the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS). Instead of simply determining credible fear which allows a claimant to appear before a judge, under the new rule asylum officers will now have the same authority as a judge. Secretary Mayorkas said: “Through this rule, we are building a more functional and sensible asylum system to ensure that individuals who are eligible will receive protection more swiftly, while those who are not eligible will be rapidly removed.”

This new rule change sounds good… if Donald Trump was president. Instead, it gives Biden-approved officers the power to decide if a migrant can stay or not. These people won’t have to stand before a judge and make a legitimate case. But asylum officers, who will certainly be immigration activists, will have the power of a judge.

The result will be that anyone who “claims asylum” after being caught crossing the border will be allowed in. This is the same as rolling out a red carpet to border jumpers, drug runners, smugglers, and sex traffickers. Anyone can claim they have a “credible fear” and get let in. Meanwhile, people who want to come here safely and legally are given the shaft.

This is going to only accelerate the migrant crisis. Millions more will come pouring through the border. Where will they end up? In all corners of the country. Biden will ship them to your community. They will become an increasing burden on our taxpayers and local government. All so Biden can alter voting demographics in the left’s favor.

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