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Pelosi Press Conference Goes Off The Rails – She Admits Biden Caused Inflation And Is Making Americans Pay For It

For as much as we talk about Joe Biden’s failure to lead, we can’t forget good old Nancy Pelosi. Nance has been Speaker of the House for much too long. And her age is starting to show.

Remember that odd display during the SOTU, when she rubbed her hands together? Yeah, she hasn’t gotten that much better. And it’s coming through every word she says.

Even though Biden has blamed everyone else for his inflation, Pelosi admits he’s partly to blame.

From YouTube:

She went on to say, thanks to Biden’s failures in the economy, consumers have to pay.

From YouTube:

The Speaker then admitted, big surprise, that even with a $5.8 trillion budget, the government will “need” more money.

From YouTube:

Delusional socialist Nancy Pelosi crashed and burned during her recent press conference. While trying to blame companies (who bothered to hire Americans) for inflation, she admitted Biden was also to blame. Yeah, I think went you flood the economy with 1 trillion new dollars, you’re to blame.

It’s insane that Pelosi tried to pawn inflation off on companies for hiring Americans. She conveniently forgets that millions of Americans were put out of work unnecessarily when states shut down in 2020.

She then revealed that consumers would face the brunt of Biden’s anti-energy policies. Gas prices are so high—not because of Russia—but because Biden has been hitting oil companies will more and more regulations. The cost of producing oil is getting so high, companies have no choice but to raise prices. So, Pelosi’s right. Biden’s decisions are making us pay more.

The Speaker then confessed that her corrupt government is demanding more money for their bloated, socialist plans. Of course. Because when inflation is high, and people have less money, the best thing to do is take more money from them!

This is the best Democrats have to offer. They create crises thanks to their bad ideas. Then they try to make them worse with higher taxes, more spending, and crippling regulation. What’s truly hilarious is that Nance and her brood aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

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