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New York Judge Rules On Trump Charges – Donald Was Accused Of Contempt, But They Just Cleared Him

As Democrats try to go after Trump in D.C. with their “J6 Commission,” Democrats in NY continue their own campaign.

The state’s AG tried to force Trump to hand over personal documents. Trump refused, triggering a leftist judge to hold him in contempt.

But another judge took up the matter and reversed the ruling.

From CBS News:

A New York judge ruled Wednesday that Donald Trump is no longer in contempt for failing to turn over documents demanded in a subpoena by the state’s attorney general…

Trump was fined $10,000 per day through May 6, when his attorneys first filed explanations of their attempts to search for subpoenaed documents.

Donald Trump was fined $10,000 a day since a judge found him “in contempt” over his refusal to hand over documents to a group of Democrat prosecutors.

According to Trump’s legal team, many of those documents weren’t necessarily available. The policy of his companies was to delegate that work to executive assistants.

In some cases, the documents weren’t kept. Democrats seemed to assume this was a lie, despite numerous Trump employees testifying to this policy.

It appears the court finally realized this contempt decision was unwarranted. If Trump didn’t have the documents they were demanding, why should he be punished over this?

More likely, Democrats didn’t believe he didn’t have the documents and were trying to “punish” him as a result.

Very little has come from New York’s ongoing investigations against Trump and his businesses. Many view these cases as partisan attacks against the man after he left office.

A criminal case was deflated after a prosecutor admitted they had nothing. This civil case about his finances seems to be just as fruitless.

In a world where we see so much crime and injustice, Democrats in New York are wasting time going after a political rival.

How are voters supposed to view this investigation? Why isn’t the AG trying to stop the many crimes going on in the state, right now?

They can make their excuses, but it might not cut much ice with voters come November.

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