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Joe Gives Democrat Holy Grail A Major Payoff – The Biden Administration Sends $256M To Expand Planned Parenthood

From the moment Joe Biden entered office, his agenda was crystal clear. Whatever Trump did, Joe will do the opposite. And we’ve seen the effects of this terrible idea. The economy is in freefall. Inflation is out of control.

Gas prices are through the roof. And there is conflict brewing all over the world. Biden’s approval numbers are in the gutter, but the man refuses to course correct.

In fact, he is doubling and tripling down on this toxic agenda. He just decided to award one of the left’s most prized organizations a massive payoff. In doing so, he is reversing a landmark decision made by Donald Trump. And shelling out a shocking $256 million to a group many Americans despise.

From Biz Pac Review:

President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) has just awarded Planned Parenthood and its affiliates a whopping $256.6 million to expand their “family planning” services across the board, in effect, negating former President Donald Trump’s Title X rule…

In 2019, the Trump administration implemented a rule that prohibited any provider in the Title X network from promoting abortion to patients…

The Biden administration has since reversed the Trump policy, effective November 8, 2021.

Now, HHS has gone even further ensuring that abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood will be fully funded to the gills.

Anyone who voted for Biden is responsible for this terrible turn of events. Biden, who claims to be a devout Catholic, just dumped over $200 million into the lap of Planned Parenthood. This is a revoking of Trump’s Title X rule that prohibits government money from going to abortion providers. Biden, who once claimed to be “personally pro-life” is now spending tax dollars ensuring Planned Parenthood can do whatever it wants.

Ironic that a group called “Health and Human Services” is spending so much of our money on Planned Parenthood. This organization is widely criticized by Americans. It claims to offer health services to women, but its fact sheets focus only on one thing. Despite their claims, PP will be using Biden’s cash to perform countless procedures to end pregnancies.

What’s even more despicable about this is that it’s well-known that PP targets minority communities. They specifically focus their attention on black and Hispanic women. For a man whose party claims to care about minorities and the underprivileged, they certainly seem to be working against them.


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