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Biden’s Support In Key Voting Group Craters – New Poll Shows In Just 1 Year Joe Lost 32% Of Blacks


For much of the past year, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been flagging. The decline began around the middle part of 2021, when the border crisis started spiraling out of control.

But then Afghanistan hit and his performance ratings sunk even lower. Now, after more months of inflation, the Ukraine/Russia war, and the lingering pandemic issues, Biden is still floundering.

Democrat leaders historically count on the support of minorities, especially the African-American voters. This is why they routinely target blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities with campaign ads.

It often works, too. About a year ago, Biden was enjoying 88 percent approval from blacks, according to a Marquette University Law School survey.

However, the school ran that same poll this year — and for whatever reasons, it seems African-Americans are abandoning Biden en masse. A drop was expected but this is more than a small dip.

In fact, it’s such a significant decline that the White House should be concerned about its image in regards to minority voters in the U.S.

Via Washington Examiner:

The new Marquette University Law School survey found a 32% cratering of black support for Biden, who now enjoys just a 56% approval rating among African Americans, among the worst ever for a modern Democratic president.

By comparison, the same survey less than a year ago found his support among black people at 88%.

Losing 32 percent in less than a year is beyond worrisome; this feels more like an immediate crisis. And it’s indicative of a larger problem for Democrats, as the Party does appear to be losing black support.

It’s also important to note that overall, this particular survey had Biden at 46% approval overall, which is among the highest we’ve seen of recent polls.

Despite that better showing, though, the President couldn’t manage to claw back any support among black voters. In fact, it’s going the other way: approval fell a bit from 57% to 56% since January.

As the analysis reads:

The trend in approval by race and ethnicity since July shows a very substantial decline in approval among black adults, with smaller but consistent declines among white and Hispanic respondents.

There were already signs of fatigue among blacks in the 2020 race, in regards to Democrat politicos. And most recent studies are showing us that this fatigue is growing as time goes on.

On the flip side, Republicans are courting more minorities than ever, frequently pointing out that many left-wing policies haven’t helped blacks at all in the past few decades.

This spells trouble for the future because if Biden can’t rely so heavily on the minority vote, he’s facing an uphill battle for reelection. Experts are already predicting major losses for Democrats during the midterm elections.

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