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Hunter Biden’s Secret Service Costs Slip Out – Taxpayers On The Hook For SS Mansion Totaling 30K/Month

If we’ve learned anything about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, it’s that he’s good at milking his dad’s jobs. While Biden was vice president, Hunter used his name to land a cushy job in Ukraine. Not to mention, a major investment from a Chinese firm (and possibly money from a Moscow mayor).

When Biden became “president,” Hunter continued this pattern, despite increased scrutiny. First, he released a book—that flopped. Then he started selling art to anonymous buyers, something even an Obama ethics official claimed was shady. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for good ol’ Hunter.

Because now we are learning the Secret Service has been renting an extremely pricey mansion to give Hunter security—on the taxpayer’s dime.

From ABC News:

Hunter Biden is apparently spending his father’s presidency living in luxury in Malibu — and so is his taxpayer-funded security detail.

The Secret Service detail protecting the president’s controversial son has been paying more than $30,000 a month to rent out a swanky Malibu, California, mansion for nearly a year, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

So much for a modest, one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs! According to a new report, the Secret Service is paying $30,000 a month to surveil Hunter Biden—a man mired in scandals and controversy—while they are living in a Malibu, CA mansion. Their excuse? The mansion is close to Biden’s own rented mansion, which costs him $20,000 a month.

Really? Are both Joe and Hunter crooks? Why does Biden need to spend $20,000/month on a Malibu mansion and then require a Secret Service team to spend even more to keep him safe—when he spends a lot of his time in Washington and Delaware? And if Hunter wants to be close to his father, why isn’t he living in an apartment in D.C.? This sounds more like Hunter exploiting his father’s connections to live the high life.

Hunter has been outed repeatedly for shady activities. His infamous laptop has provided endless evidence of shocking behavior, not to mention questionable business deals. Hunter has so far eluded any consequences connected to these revelations. In fact, he gets to live in a house most hard-working Americans could only dream of.

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