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After University Tries To Cancel Mike Pence – A Conservative Student Stands Up For Mike And Pushes Back At UVA

Many Americans still have questions about Mike Pence’s role in the 2020 Election. He refused calls to challenge the electoral results, certifying Joe Biden’s victory.

Some might accuse the former vice president of bowing to the left’s pressure. Was he trying to win over the left—hoping for a future in D.C.?

Well, this is how the left is thanking them. A group of students at UVA is accusing him of dangerous rhetoric. But guess who’s coming to his aid?

From Fox News:

A University of Virginia student spoke out Friday after the college’s student newspaper demanded that former Vice President Pence be barred from speaking on campus.

The student paper is trying to cancel the event based on their argument that Pence pushes “violent rhetoric.”

“We’ve been seeing this trend commonly throughout campuses across the United States,” Cabrera said on “Fox & Friends First” Friday. “If there’s some speech that you disagree with as a leftist, you automatically go, and you try to cancel it.”

Students at the University of Virginia are calling to cancel an event featuring Mike Pence. They are accusing him of spreading dangerous rhetoric, hoping to shut the event down.

When progressive students wanted to host a critical race theory event, the school gave them $33,000 (even though the event was over Zoom). When conservative students wanted to host their event, they got nothing.

No, that’s wrong. They did get something: slander and calls to shut the event down.

Thankfully, there are students like Cabrera are responding with the American, Constitutional approach:

Nick Cabrera, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at the university, encouraged the newspaper editorial board to attend the event in order to hear a perspective that is different from their own.

That’s how you do it. That’s how Trump would do it. Every American should stand up for the free speech of others, not try to shut people down and vilify their opponents.

It’s pretty ironic that these leftists are attacking Pence, when he clearly had nothing to do with the events of January 6.

You can even argue he was on the left’s side when he certified Joe Biden’s controversial victory. But this is what you get when you side with leftists. They accuse you of things you never did, all in the name of canceling you.

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