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Biden Mocked By American Ally – Video Shows Joe And Kamala Impersonated On Saudi TV


When Trump was president, the media claimed the world hated us. That’s not what we actually saw. Everyone from our allies to our enemies respected us.

Trump even managed to land peace deals in the Middle East. And nobody was messing with us.

Today, Joe Biden has failed Afghanistan and Ukraine, with Taiwan perhaps next. He is such a failure, Putin is walking all over him. And now, one of our supposed allies is mocking Joe and Kamala is a painful impersonation.

From Twitter:

For the first time i see the Saudi TV mocking the US administration.

This is pretty brutal. A comedy skit by Saudi Arabia’s state-owned media company MBC mocked Joe Biden and his “vice president,” Kamala Harris.

Joe is short and dumpy, with Kamala (played possibly by a man) standing head and shoulders over him. During the video, Kamala has to show Biden to the podium. He is confused and rambles, in a mockery of Biden’s usual performance.

According to journalist Asaad Sam Hanna, this is the first time Saudi TV has ever mocked an American presidential administration. But we all know why.

Biden is a laughingstock. All that talk of Trump embarrassing America; yet he landed historic trade deals, crushed ISIS, and even had Iran on its knees.

Sleepy Joe enters and in less than a year, the Taliban is controlling Afghanistan. Now, Putin is stopping all over Ukraine. Iran and China have nothing to fear because corrupt Joe won’t do anything about them.

Saudi Arabia would never dream of doing this to a president like Trump. Not if they wanted to continue working with him. In the Arab world, “face” is everything. You don’t mock someone like this, as you would in the U.S.

This kind of impersonation is being done to humiliate and dismiss Biden and Harris. They will never be able to negotiate or work with Saudi Arabia or any other Arab nation.

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