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Texas Gov. Abbott Makes Historic Mexico Deal – He Lands Critical Agreement To Lift Border Inspection At Nuevo Leon

Thanks to Sleepy Joe, untold numbers of migrants have been flooding the country. Texas Gov. Abbott has petitioned the White House for help. Of course, he’s gotten none.

Abbott has had to take drastic steps to slow the tide of migrants, drugs, and other dangers into his state. He even had to use “enhanced safety inspections” at a major port.

But he is about to lift those inspections, because of a landmark agreement with a Mexican governor.

From ABC 7:

Governor Abbott said he reached a ‘historic agreement’ with Nuevo León Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepulveda so that bridge traffic can return to normal in Nuevo Leon.

Governor Abbott said that’s due to an agreement with Governor Garcia Sepulveda to increase border security on the Mexican side of the border.

Gov. Abbott says the Texas DPS will revert to normal random inspections at the border with Nuevo Leon only.

It appears Abbott has come to an agreement with the Nuevo León governor. The Mexican state will conduct its own inspections on that side of the bridge. Because they are doing their part in stopping illegal traffic, the bridge can go back to normal.

Many ports into the country via Mexico have been under heavy inspections. For good reason. It was only last week when Texas authorities discovered millions of dollars worth of cocaine in a trailer truck.

It’s actually pretty shocking to think that Mexican authorities aren’t doing their part to secure the border. Perhaps some of them think they’re better off letting these criminals into America.

But an unsafe, open border is not good for anyone. Mexico has suffered as millions of outsiders came from further South.

If Mexico wants a safe, healthy relationship with the U.S., it needs to do its part in securing the border.

This deal might spur other deals with Texas, Arizona, and other border states. Hopefully, we can see some shred of normalcy come back to the situation.

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