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Hours After Federal Judge Cancels Biden Mandate – Liberals Melt Down While Celebrations Break Out On Planes

It’s safe to say most Americans are done with government-enforced mandates. Yet the federal government refused to end one mandate that has lingered, pushing it back once again.

A federal court had enough and dropped the hammer on this hated rule.

From Fox News:

A federal judge on Monday voided the Biden administration’s mask mandate for travelers using public transportation such as trains and airplanes.

The mandate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention applies to people as young as 2 years old, and had been set to expire a number of times but was recently extended to May 3 before Monday’s ruling.

Airlines wasted no time telling passengers the rule was over. Even to customers on airplanes. Celebrations erupted on flights all over the country.

From Twitter:

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. This is the most important announcement I’ve ever made. The federal mask mandate is over. Take off your mask if you choose!”

A wonderful moment mid flight on @alaskaair today!

On one flight, the attendant broke into tears, after having to wear a mask for two years.

A Delta flight attendant breaks into tears as she takes off her mask for the first time in two years.

What COVID law has done to people is terrible.

But the joy wasn’t shared by liberals—who seemed to believe masks were our salvation.

From Fox News:

Liberals on social media expressed shock and dismay after a Trump appointed federal judge struck down the federal mask mandate on airplanes that has been in place for two years…

Epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding tweeted that the coronavirus pandemic is not “over” and called for a boycott of Alaska Airlines, which he suggested is an “idiot airline”, until the company implements its own mask mandate.

After the good news spread that a federal court knocked down the travel mask mandate, Americans celebrated far and wide. But not liberals. As predicted, they melted down on social media.

One moron claimed their child was going to “die” because a plane full of people wasn’t going to be forced to wear a mask. Aren’t we passed this nonsense by now?

Another “genius” called on people to boycott airlines until they reinstate mask mandates. So, it’s a double victory. Not only are we no longer forced to wear masks, but we get to fly without liberals on board!

Let’s be honest. Was the federal government ever going to drop these rules? States were quick, over this year, to drop whatever mandates they had left.

They had to do this, with the midterms looming. Democrats knew they would have a snowball’s chance in July if they kept pushing these rules.

But the CDC is not an elected body. They can do whatever they want, especially when puppet Joe Biden is in office.

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