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Democrats Just Turned On Kamala Harris – They Call Her SCOTUS Promise To Them “Thoughts And Prayers”


As you can imagine, the left has had a pretty bad weekend. Abortion activists, failing to intimidate the Supreme Court, rioted across blue cities.

Democrats have made all kinds of threats against the court—proving their motives have little to do with respecting anyone’s rights.

But these rabid activists turned on one of their own “leaders,” after Kamala Harris posted a tweet.

From Fox News:

“I know there are women out there who are afraid. To those of you who feel alone and scared: I want you to know the President and I are fighting for you and your rights. We are in this fight together,” Harris tweeted…

Although several other Democrat politicians denounced the court’s decision, many liberal Twitter users called out Harris’ tweet as being too vague and meaningless.

As usual, leftists lashed out in attack when they didn’t get their way. Riots broke out across cities that will most certainly protect abortion rights.

We saw few outbursts in red cities—perhaps because the cops would have actually arrested them?

Kamala Harris posted a tweet with a photo of herself watching CNN. She claimed she and Biden were “fighting” to help women keep the ability to abort their babes.

That didn’t cut much ice with the rabid left. Users were quick to bash Harris, claiming her post was akin to sharing “thoughts and prayers” a phrase Democrats apparently hate.

It seems abortion activists know the truth—that this administration is all talk but no action. Why should they believe Harris will do anything about the Roe decision—when she has done nothing for America since entering office?

Finally, Harris’ incompetence is being called out by the left. Even if it’s for a very wrong reason, Democrats are acknowledging that Harris and Biden have very little chance of getting anything done.

We know this is true, after everything we’ve seen since January 2021. Biden and Harris are only good at one thing: starting destructive fires.

Even when they try to put those fires out, they make matters worse.

Democrats have known this but pretended like it wasn’t true. Only now, when they are on the losing side of an issue, are they freaking out.

They elected people unable to get anything done, and they are suffering for it.

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