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Biden Tumbles Through Major Speech – Joe Shakes Washington With Odd Statements Whispers And Shouts


As usual, Joe Biden is pushing the radical left’s agenda. He was recently at a liberal hub, propping up their far-left aims. But he was far from sounding okay.

He first claimed he had “flown over every major wildfire.”

Oh, right, just all but two. Still thinking that one’s probably not true…

He followed that up by making a hard-to-believe claim.

Then he let slip that the left was using the “environment crisis” to push the left’s agenda.

Talk about saying the quiet part out loud!

And no appearance of Creepy Joe would be complete without whispers… and shouts!

You really have to wonder what is going through the heads of the people who attend these events. We know that Biden struggles to get more than 50 people at a time to see him.

But those who do bother to see this disaster in person, do they really think this is normal?

I’m sure the radical left is rubbing their hands together when Biden makes these bizarre claims. But the rest of the Democrats, are they on board with this nonsense?

Every military vehicle will be climate-friendly? Even tanks? Give me a break.

Anyone that watches Biden these days has to conclude he’s a stone throw’s away from giving up the ghost. I’m not sure what cocktail of pills they are using to keep him going.

But it isn’t enough.

Sane Democrats must watch these videos and think, “Man, we’re so screwed.”

With every odd and off-putting speech Joe makes, more voters get ready to flush the Democrats out of office.

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