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Month: April 2022

Blue State Judge Drops The Gavel On Democrat Official – She Gets Ordered To Pay Up In Oregon

It’s no secret that some government workers get paid handsomely for their…

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Pence Roars Back Onto Washington Stage – Group Kicks Off “Freedom Agenda” To Help Your Wallet

With Biden’s agenda crashing and burning, more than a few Americans are…

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Liberal Activist Hit With Federal Charges – She Is Accused Of Defrauding Donors And Stealing Benefits

In the past few years, we’ve seen a significant uptick in crimes…

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Hillary Just Got Punished By The FEC – Clinton And The DNC Are Fined Over Their 2016 Funding Of Trump Dossier

The liberal media rolled their eyes when Trump announced he was suing…

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After Trump Pushed To Replace Nancy As Speaker – The Donald Finally Weighs In Says He’s Not Interested

Ever since Donald Trump left the White House, supporters have been speculating…

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Ron DeSantis Just Flexed His Veto Power – He Stops Florida From Approving Gerrymandered Districts

It looks like Florida’s governor is on a roll. In recent weeks,…

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