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Elizabeth Warren Suffers Meltdown In Front Of SCOTUS – She Loses Her Temper Shakes Declares ‘We Are Not Going Back’


It’s been pretty hilarious to watch Democrats meltdown about the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

As usual, they are letting their pride and emotions get in the way of the facts. But best of all, they are outraged that they can’t do anything about this.

Some have lied. Some have made threats. And Elizabeth Warren, a progressive stooge from the Senate, had the best take of all.

From Twitter:

Oh, and it gets worse, folks. From YouTube:

Warren, who failed in her 2020 attempt to win the presidential nomination, was outside the Supreme Court yesterday.

When asked about the possible ruling banning abortion at the federal level, she had a hilarious meltdown.

She even claimed, “We are not going back.”

Sorry, sweetie, you have no say in the matter. Democrats are so outraged, not because they believe this is a “women’s rights” issue.

But because this decision is being made without their interference. Democrats’ sole purpose, it seems, is to con our system so they get more and more power.

They’ve been using the abortion issue for decades to get power and wealth. Now, they are watching as their most sacred of sacred cows get slaughtered before their eyes.

And they can’t do anything about it.

The loss of money from this move alone would devastate the DNC. They get millions from Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups.

But chances are, if this ruling is real, deep-blue states will remain pro-choice. Democrats are only angry that some parts of the country will protect unborn life.

Can you believe that? Democrats are only angry because states will have the power to govern themselves.

Their collective meltdown is simply because they won’t be able to tell Texas, Florida, and other red states what to do.

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