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Kamala Harris Loses Her Head Over SCOTUS – Hours After She Becomes ‘Democrat Spear,’ She Exclaims ‘How Dare They’

Democrats are falling apart over the news the Supreme Court is soon to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But don’t buy their crocodile tears. Democrats fear Roe will be overturned, because of how much money and power this practice brings them.

Phony-baloney Kamala Harris was speaking at a pro-choice event when she ranted against Republicans.

But nobody’s buying it.

From Real Clear Politics:

“Women in almost half the country could see their access to abortion severely limited,” Harris said. “In 13 of those states, women could lose access to abortion immediately and outright. Those Republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women… how dare they! How dare they tell a woman what she can do and what she can’t do with her own body! How dare they! How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future! How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms!”

Wah, wah, wah! Don’t buy Harris’s pathetic attempt at moral outrage. She doesn’t care about women’s rights—few pro-choice Democrats do.

She is ranting against Republicans, as if the party was responsible for this turn of events. Harris seems to be forgetting that the Supreme Court is an apolitical body which is deciding issues according to the law.

We can go over why Kamala’s rant was first-class garbage. But that’s not the point. We’re not going to argue over the left’s fake and morally bankrupt arguments for abortion.

Because do you really think Kamala believes what she’s selling? As a member of the DNC, she is obligated to prop up these talking points to defend abortion.

But the real reason she—and Joe and Pelosi and all the others—support this controversial and largely hated practice? We think it’s because they make big bucks off of it.

Follow the money, folks. Democrats in Congress have long voted to give abortion providers like Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars in funding every year.

Those groups, in turn, donate millions of dollars back to the Democratic Party, helping Democrats win elections.

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