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Mike Pence Fires Back At Kamala Harris – In Feisty Battle Of Vice Presidents Pence Tells Her ‘How Dare You’

Democrats have given a variety of radical responses to the news that the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Perhaps the most dramatic was a speech given by Kamala Harris, who rebuked Republicans (although Republicans are not overturning the ruling).

She even shouted “How dare they!” as if she is some kind of righteous warrior.

Well, Mike Pence has something to say back.

From Daily Wire:

After noting that Harris “scolded the five justices on the Supreme Court listed in that draft opinion and Republican legislators in states across the country,” Pence fired back, “I say with the lives of 62 million unborn boys and girls ended in abortion since 1973, generations of mothers enduring heartbreak and loss that can last a lifetime: Madame Vice President, how dare you?”

Mike Pence, a true model of an accomplished and respected vice president, blasted Kamala Harris and her bogus response to the Supreme Court.

He fired back, saying, “How dare you?” to Harris, in light of the 62 million abortions performed since Roe v. Wade.

Pence warned that “Democrats and the radical left” will continue to push “extreme abortion-related” policies as long as Roe is in effect.

He listed examples of how Democrat-run cities incentive abortion. In Boston, city employees get 12 weeks of paid leave for having an abortion, the same as maternity leave.

Pence also criticized the left for challenging basic biology and gender. He said Democrats once considered abortion a “necessary evil.” But today, they celebrate it as a “moral good.”

The former vice president is warning America that Democrats will not stop making abortion normal and even a required practice in America.

But he vowed that Americans will “never stop working” until every child is protected by our government as “a precious gift from God.”

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