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After Biden Drains One-Third Of Strategic Oil Reserves – The American People’s Gas Prices Hit New All-Time Highs

Biden promised to “work like the devil” to fix the gas crisis. I guess he meant it, because only the devil would make a bad problem worse.

Instead of removing limits to American energy production, Biden depleted our gas reserves for a temporary (and pathetically small) drop in prices.

From CBS News:

The Department of Energy announced Thursday it’s beginning a buyback process with a call for bids to repurchase 60 million barrels of oil, or one-third of the 180 million emergency barrels released… Gas prices were already high before Putin’s war, which sent prices at the pump hurtling upward even more.

Biden is now scrambling to replenish those lost barrels. But that has limited supplies even more, triggering price hikes higher than ever.

From CNN Business:

In another blow to the US economy, prices at the pump soared to fresh record highs.

The national average price for regular gasoline climbed more than four cents on Tuesday to $4.37 a gallon, according to AAA. That takes out the prior record of $4.33 set on March 11.

What a surprise! After a very minor dip in gas prices through April, gas prices are now reaching record highs.

The national average beat the previous record set in March. This comes after Biden wasted 1/3 of our strategic oil reserves.

He was forced to buy back the oil he gave out, sparking the question, “Why did he release those barrels in the first place?”

It didn’t lower gas prices much. Now, he has to buy them back (when prices are sky high) which is reducing what gas the rest of us can buy.

Back in 2020, Trump filled up the reserve when oil prices were at a historic low. That’s what a smart person does.

Biden depleted the reserves and is hastily buying back oil when prices are breaking the bank. That is what a very stupid person does.

Meanwhile, he refuses to reverse the “green” rules that put us in this situation in the first place. Long before Putin invaded Ukraine, Biden’s environmental activism crippled American energy production.

Not only did he shut down drilling, but he set new regulations that made producing energy far too expensive.

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