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BLM Co-Founder Admits What We’re All Thinking – She Says $6 Million Mansion Was Used For Personal Party

Normally this isn’t a productive thing to say, but darn does it feel good to be right sometimes. After several accusations in the past of mishandling money and purchasing property with money raised for BLM, we get an admission from the woman herself.

Patrisse Cullors was the executive director and co-founder of BLM at the time of these events, though she has since resigned. She said they purchased the $6 million mansion in Los Angeles to serve as a meeting venue and campus for events.

Now I ask myself why they purchased a home and not…you know, an event space, I guess goes without saying.

During an interview with Associated Press published yesterday, Patrisse makes an admission that I think everyone should hear.

While seeking refuge at the property amid threats on her life, she hosted a small party to celebrate the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Convenient that they had just purchased a house for the organization and she happened to need one to hide out in. And hey, while you’re there might as well throw a party too right?

Now you can write this off as an organization related event (even though it doesn’t seem that way to me), but the next part is inexcusable no matter the context.

Listen to this:

And in March 2021, she held a private birthday party for her son at the property, for which Cullors said she intended to pay a rental fee to the foundation. The foundation confirmed it had billed her, and it said it was reviewing its policies to prevent such uses in the future.

Wow…that’s all I can say.

Do you really need any more proof of how she viewed this house that was bought by the organization? I mean seriously, we have an office at work and I would never dream of using it to throw a birthday party for my kid.

Also notice the wording there in her quote. This isn’t me taking this out of context, this is directly from the AP interview. It says she “Intended” to pay a rental fee. Hmmm right…

I don’t know about you but intended seems to imply to me it was never paid and still hasn’t been paid. But you know, congrats to the organization for reviewing policy to prevent such uses in the future. I’m SURE they would have done the same thing if none of this ever got them in a crapstorm of PR disaster.

All of this just goes to re-affirm what we all knew this whole time. The fact of the matter is that it is weird to purchase a $6 million mansion in LA even if you were using it for events.
She tried her best to “explain” the reasoning, but it seems very weak to me. I’ll let you decide:

“Cullors defended the purchase. “We really wanted to make sure that the global network foundation had an asset that wasn’t just financial resources,” she said, “and we understood that not many Black-led organizations have property. They don’t own their property.”

Why is it important for an organization to own a $6 million home in LA? Why would that be a priority instead of using that money to do some actual good?

It seems odd to me that a priority for an organization like BLM would be building “financial assets” unless you have some mixed up priorities.

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