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California Judge Drops The Constitution On Blue State – She Just Shut Down Rule To Require Women On Corporate Boards

Every time you look around, you find California Democrats doing something crazy. It seems they can’t go a day without pushing some radical, progressive agenda that does nothing to help America.

(Maybe that’s why so many residents are fleeing the once-Golden State?)

But it looks like at least one of their bogus rules is facing headwinds. A LA judge ruled on a case affecting corporations. And she just dropped the Constitution on CA liberals.

From The Hill:

Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis said the law that would have required boards have up to three female directors by this year violated the right to equal treatment. The ruling was dated Friday…

The law voided Friday was on shaky ground from the get-go, with a legislative analysis saying it could be difficult to defend. Then-Gov. Jerry Brown signed it despite the potential for it to be overturned because he wanted to send a message during the #MeToo era.

A Los Angeles judge knocked down a three-year-old law requiring at least 3 women to serve on companies’ boards.

The judge, Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis said the law was unconstitutional and violated the right to equal treatment.

You see, liberals, equal treatment goes both ways. You can claim to be for “equal rights” while giving women special advantages over men.

The law would have forced companies to put women on their boards—regardless of their qualifications or contributions to the company.

You would have seen businesses with women advancing, just solely on the basis of their gender.

Isn’t that what feminist men have been doing for decades? Yet it’s okay for that to happen if it benefits women?

This is pretty much how the left operates. They don’t seem to be for equal treatment, just flipping the rules so it benefits their side.

There’s a word for that, isn’t there? Hypocrisy, that’s it.

Even the Democrats defending the law in court admitted it was pointless. Despite threats of heavy fines, none have ever been given out.

Only 26% of publicly traded companies in CA were obeying the law. Proving it was all about appearances, not results.

Kind of like most of the Democrats’ policies!

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