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After Queen AOC Threatens To Dump Her Tesla – Elon Musk Throws Down The Gauntlet With Tweet Dare

Recently we learned that “socialist” Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez planned to sell her Tesla—because Elon Musk bought Twitter.

She claimed it was because Musk doesn’t use union labor. But she knew that when she bought it in 2020.

Musk was in no way worried about AOC’s threat. And he threw down the gauntlet with a tweet dare.

From Business Insider:

“Who do you trust less? Real question,” he tweeted, presenting a Twitter poll that offered “politicians” and “billionaires” as the only two options.

He then directly tweeted at Ocasio-Cortez: “@aoc I dare you to run the same poll with your followers.” At press time, Ocasio-Cortez hadn’t responded.

At the time of this writing, nearly 3 million people voted in Musk’s poll. And people chose politicians over billionaires 75.7% to 24.3%.

The clear consensus (at least according to Musk’s followers) is that most people trust politicians less than billionaires.

And the sky is blue.

But interestingly, Musk challenged AOC to post the same poll to her followers. You’d think that a “socialist” like AOC would have nothing but capitalist-hating followers.

After all, she is a rich New Yorker, who drives a Tesla, and attends gala events that only rich elitists are invited to.

What hardliner communist wouldn’t follow her?

To date, AOC has not posted her own version of the poll, nor has she apparently responded to Musk.

Isn’t it funny how she’s quick to criticize and attack people on Twitter, but so reluctant to respond to a rebuttal?

What do you think? Do you think most of AOC’s followers will say they trust politicians more than billionaires?

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