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Durham’s Sussmann Trial Gave Trump A Boost – Even With An Acquittal, Evidence Against Clinton Campaign Piled Up

The liberal media is celebrating the acquittal of Michael Sussmann, a Clinton lawyer who was charged with lying to the FBI.

But they seem to forget that whether or not Sussmann got convicted, this story is far from over. It seems obvious that Durham is trying to hook a much bigger fish.

And Sussmann’s trial was just the beginning.

From Breitbart:

Still, Durham succeeded in revealing that Clinton herself personally approved the leak of the Alfa Bank hoax to the media. The Alfa Bank hoax was intended as an “October surprise” to damage Trump in the days before voters headed to the polls…

Durham’s investigation will continue, and in October he will prosecute Igor Danchenko, a researcher who allegedly was the source for former British spy Christopher Steele, who worked for Fusion GPS to produce the fraudulent “Russia dossier” on Trump.

The Sussmann trial confirmed that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid Fusion GPS, through Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias.

Although Sussmann was let off (thanks to an overwhelmingly blue jury), the trial did expose Clinton, her campaign, and the DNC.

Evidence that emerged during the trial revealed Clinton pushed to leak the fake data to the press. It was her idea to provide this suspicious (and unverified) information to the media, hoping it would sabotage Trump.

That only throws more fuel on the fire of speculation that Clinton and other Democrats knowingly produced false information—to frame Trump.

What we commonly call “Russiagate.”

Clinton’s campaign manager admitted it was her idea. And Durham’s not done with the prosecutions.

He will move on to Igo Danchenko, someone closely associated with the next phase of Russiagate, the production of the infamous “dossier” that came out after the election.

Imagine what information might come out during this trial? Clinton and her closest cronies might not get pinched.

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