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Biden’s Latest China Action Could Be Against The Law – For 2 Years, The President Just Lifted Trump’s Solar Panel Tariffs

Joe Biden has made several controversial decisions during his time in the White House, and now he faces spiraling inflation and gas prices.

Beyond that, his foreign policy has been brought into question as well — specifically, his dealing with China.

Now, Some Are Saying His Latest Move Is “Potentially Illegal,” And Represents A Threat To Fair Trade.

On Monday, Biden announced a 2-year exemption of tariffs on solar panels, which come from four Asian nations.

However, the Commerce Department believes the panels aren’t really made in any of those nations; in fact, they’re actually constructed in China.

That’s why the panels that supposedly come from Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand were frozen in March, and an investigation ensued.

They wanted to see if China was illegal circumventing tariffs by routing their operations through these other nations.

Now, though, the Biden administration is ignoring this, and it’s going to hurt American solar panel manufacturers:

‘President Biden is significantly interfering in Commerce’s quasi-judicial process,’ Auxin Chief Executive Officer Mamun Rashid said in a statement, according to Bloomberg.

‘By taking this unprecedented — and potentially illegal — action, he has opened the door wide for Chinese-funded special interests to defeat the fair application of US trade law.’

The fact that this could be an illegal action committed by President Biden is what makes this intriguing.

Rashid added that this move also opened the door for “Chinese-Funded Special Interests To Defeat The Fair Application Of U.S. Trade Law.

Last year, Republicans made a push against China-created products.

They pushed to ban all Chinese imports made with Uyghur slave labor, and then expanded that effort to include solar panels.

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott was especially strong in his statement, as he said on Twitter:

Scott added that the “Biden Admin Must Stand Against Forced Labor & Prevent Tax Dollars From Funding This Horrific Abuse.

While liberals and Democrat leaders often scream about human rights violations around the globe, they don’t seem to be saying much about this situation.

And on top of that, it sounds like Biden’s team is once again putting American manufacturers second — another big criticism of this government.

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