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Hours After Biden Uses Emergency Powers On Green Agenda – His Press Secretary Jean-Pierre Can’t Explain His Power Grab

We’ve seen for a long time how Biden’s decisions hurt Americans. And, conveniently, they’ve helped foreign countries.

Biden claims he shut down our oil production, even during a crisis, to “save” the environment. Americans are suffering thanks to high gas prices—and Biden does nothing.

Now, he shocked the country by using a wartime bill to force the production of solar panels.

From NY Post:

President Biden drew criticism Monday after invoking the Defense Production Act to potentially expedite the production of solar panels — with journalists and Republicans questioning the rationale for using special wartime powers.

Yep, all part of this administration’s plan. Cripple our fossil fuel industry, forcing Americans to buy expensive, less effective “green” energy.

Now, he is abusing his power to force companies to mass-produce solar panels. And his new press secretary can’t even explain what is going on.

From Red State:

That was on full display on Monday after Jean-Pierre was asked to defend Joe Biden’s use of the Defense Production Act to increase the production of solar panels. When pressed on what emergency justified such a move, the press secretary fell flat on her face, essentially admitting to the abuse of power.

But it looks like there is an ulterior reason Biden is pushing this move. And it may have everything to do with the CCP.

A reporter asked what emergency justified Biden forcing companies to produce solar panels. The best Jean-Pierre could say was that Joe Biden was “delivering for the American people.”

Um… what? We never asked him for more solar panels. Most Americans can’t afford or don’t want solar panels.

What we have asked for is a fix to the supply chain, a solution to inflation, lower gas prices, and a shred of leadership from the White House.

Has Biden “delivered” on any of that?

Another reporter pointed out that Biden’s bogus order is a “gift” to China—since they make the solar panels. Biden will be forcing American companies to provide the solar panels.

That will require them to buy solar panels from China. So, this move will only pad China’s pockets.

Oh, did you think “China Joe” wouldn’t rear his ugly head again? It’s a win-win for the corrupt establishment. The environmentalists get what they want: a destroyed energy industry.

And Biden’s buddies in the Chinese Communist Party get big bucks from the U.S., care of taxpayers.

Perhaps that’s why he’s been hurting our energy industry all along. So we’d be forced to buy “green” technology from China?

Meanwhile, American truck drivers, construction workers, deliverymen, and working-class folks can’t put gas in their cars.

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