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Supreme Court Rules 6-3 On Major Case – Clarence Thomas Hands Down Decision Protecting Law Enforcement

We are getting to the end of the Supreme Court’s current session. And the court is rolling out decisions on numerous cases.

The session will end in July. So, the court only has a month to finish up important business. And today, it revealed a 6-3 ruling on lawsuits brought against law enforcement.

From Bloomberg:

The US Supreme Court further weakened a judge-made doctrine meant to hold federal law enforcement and other officials accountable for violating constitutional rights…

The court’s “cases have made clear that, in all but the most unusual circumstances, prescribing a cause of action is a job for Congress, not the courts,” Thomas said…

In this case, Robert Boule alleged a Border Patrol agent pushed him to the ground in 2014 during a dispute and then retaliated by reporting him to the IRS after he complained to the agent’s supervisors. Boule later sued, alleging excessive force.

The Supreme Court voted to reject a lawsuit against a Border Patrol agent who confronted a man. The court refused to decide if the law enforcement officer violated the 4th and 1st Amendments.

All three liberal justices voted against the conservative majority. Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion, stating that Congress—not the courts—needs to outline what violations are through law.

In this day and age, many activist judges try to do the job of our legislatures. Instead of upholding current laws, they decide to set policy—effectively becoming lawmakers themselves.

The current Supreme Court majority refuses to do this. They will not embrace judge-made doctrine, which undermines the job of Congress.

Naturally, liberals hate this. They seem to think that they can decide the law whatever, whenever, and wherever.

We see this all the time. Democrats in public office seem to believe they know what is best for Americans—not us.

And regardless of if it’s a judge, executive, or lawmaker—they will set the rules, thank you very much.

Things like limits of power, checks and balances, and the will of the people come dead last.

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