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Democrat Abrams Sideswiped By 100 Georgia Sheriffs – They’re Ditching Her And Joining Her GOP Opponent

Over the past few years, law enforcement has come under heavy scrutiny. This scrutiny gave rise to the now-infamous “defund the police” movement.

However, police and Republican leaders across the country have been pushing back against this ideology, especially in light of soaring crime rates.

And Over 100 Sheriffs In One State Are Saying No To Left-Wing “Soft-On-Crime” Policies.

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has reputed ties to a foundation that supports defunding law enforcement, which has had a definite impact.

The controversial left-wing leader has often gained headlines for speaking out against police, and looking to re-allocate funds.

But this isn’t going over well with sheriffs in the state, who have grown tired of this idea.

That’s why they’re abandoning Democrats on this issue and switching teams: which means Republican Governor Brian Kemp has gained a lot of new allies.

From Fox News:

Over 100 sheriffs in the Peach State condemned Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams over her ties to a foundation that supports defunding law enforcement as well as her ‘soft-on-crime policies.’

The sheriffs won’t accept Abrams’ connection to The Marguerite Casey Foundation, which is a Seattle-based group that has called for abolishing police.

In a press release, Gov. Kemp slammed Abrams’ “role in advancing the Defund the Police movement” and 102 sheriffs have responded.

In reply, they confirmed that Kemp backed law enforcement and “championed legislation to recruit and retain more officers into the profession.”

They also like that the Governor has supported tougher penalties for criminals, which has become a major concern of many residents around the country.

On the flip side, the sheriffs said:

In stark contrast, Stacey Abrams has repeatedly shown complete disdain for law enforcement and the risk we take every day putting our lives on the line to serve our communities.

They further maintain that Abrams has not only supported but benefited from that “anti-police organization,” and they refuse to look away anymore.

Lastly, the sheriffs cited rising crime and it’s “critical to our profession that Georgia’s leaders stand firmly behind the men and women in law enforcement who keep Georgia families safe.”

Abrams’ campaign spokesperson Alex Floyd hit back against these statements, claiming she doesn’t support defunding the police.

Instead, Floyd claims the Democrat leader actually wants to invest in law enforcement as well as building community trust and “fostering law enforcement accountability.”

That reasoning isn’t flying with the sheriffs, though.

And this means Gov. Kemp has a lot of strong allies, which could help his cause in future elections.

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