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Just Days After California Mandates Electric Vehicles – The State Orders People to Stop Charging Them Over Power Shortage

If you ever wondered if Democrats have any idea what they are doing, read this article.

We recently covered how California is outlawing gas cars in a few years. This new rule is already forcing residents to buy expensive electric vehicles.

But it’s worth it, right? Because you’ll never have to worry about energy problems? LOL!

From Breitbart:

California will suffer an energy shortage and “Flex Alerts” through Labor Day due to high temperatures, and residents will be asked to conserve electricity during afternoons and evenings, which means refraining from charging electric vehicles, among other uses.

Oh my God, really? California is pushing extreme rules that will ban new gas cars by 2035.

Anyone who wants to buy a new car will have to purchase an expensive EV.

But this Summer, the state is literally begging residents not to charge their electric cars, because of POWER SHORTAGES.

You can’t make this up, folks.

Is California run by children? Did nobody anticipate this situation?

California has shut down just about every fossil fuel-burning power plant they had. They rely on “green” energy to power their cities (when they’re not buying electricity from states with oil and coal plants).

But, as we’ve seen all over the country, green energy is nowhere near close to supplying enough energy to America.

Even in Texas, the “energy” state, the power companies begged residents to ration their energy consumption during the hottest parts of the Summer (25% of Texas’ energy comes from wind and solar).

In California, it’s much worse. The state’s Democrats are forcing Americans to buy EVs. But when Summer rolls around, they won’t be able to charge them!

At the very worst, gas car owners have to pay more at the pump. They aren’t denied a chance to drive.

Yet anyone foolish enough to purchase an EV in California could have days when they can’t drive because the state has no electricity.

I don’t think they could have screwed up this badly if they even tried.

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