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After Markets Crash On President Biden – Donald Trump Claims The Downward Spiral Was All “Self-Inflicted”

We’ve been predicting this for a long time, now. But the liberal media ignored us.

Biden’s drastic and America-last policies have tanked our economy. For a long time, though, the stock market was supported thanks to massive government protection.

But it looks like reality is catching up to them. From The Washington Free Beacon:

Wall Street’s main stock indexes fell sharply on Monday, with the S&P 500 on track to confirm a bear market on fears that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes would tip the economy into recession.

The Fed is finally increasing interest rates to prevent disaster. That is leading investors to panic (something they love to do), as the reality that Biden is president is finally kicking in.

And Donald Trump has something to say about it. From TRUTH Social:

The Stock Market(s) are literally crashing. There was no reason for this, all self inflicted!

On the news the stock market sunk this morning, sparking Bear market and recession fears, Trump weighed in.

He blasted the news, saying there was “no reason” stocks should be struggling. And he reminded Americans this pain is “all self-inflicted.”

Why did he say this? Because Biden’s massive spending and American-last policies have been hurting the economy since last year.

Inflation, the broken supply chain, the open border, and rising gas prices (and even more) are contributing to a contracting economy.

The stock market could remain unaffected for only so long. Now, with the Fed scrambling to curtail inflation by raising interest rates, investors are dumping stocks.

That has resulted in the crash of many stock values—which is often called a bear market.

Trump has said in the past that the economy problems we are experiencing now could have been avoided.

Other experts have said that, had Biden just kept Trump’s policies in place, we would have been much better off.

But we know Biden is no “moderate” who cares about America. He seems to be controlled now by radical left, pushing their toxic socialism.

This crisis is entirely Biden’s fault according to The Donald. Just one more to add to the pile.

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