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15 Republican AGs Move To Block Biden – They Demand Senate Leaders Stop Joe’s Anti-Gun Nominee

With violence escalating across the country, Democrats and Republicans are once again battling over one issue: the Second Amendment.

The left believes more gun control and stricter laws is the answer, while right-wing politicos point out that cities with the harshest 2A rules are some of the most violent. And yet, anti-2A activists persist.

Now, We Find That President Joe Biden’s Latest Nominee Might Be Very Anti-Constitutional.

Republicans are hoping to block this nominee as they’re claiming he will “pursue an anti-gun political agenda under the guise of law enforcement.” This isn’t the first time the GOP has railed against a Biden pick.

In this case, they’re going after Steve Dettelbach, Biden’s choice to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

No fewer than 15 Attorneys General have urged the Senate to put a hold on this nominee, primarily because they say Dettelbach is less about crime prevention and more about pushing a liberal agenda.

That’s why they just sent a letter to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Via The Daily Caller:

Steve Dettelbach will ‘merely rubber stamp’ the president’s ‘partisan anti-gun platform,’ the 15 attorneys general, led by Montana’s Austin Knudsen, wrote Wednesday.

Dettelbach has a history of ‘activism to restrict’ the second amendment rights of Americans, the attorneys general say, and is hostile toward gun rights.

Knudsen told The Daily Caller that he’s a “gun guy” and said that people even slightly familiar with firearms understands that Biden and his whole administration “don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

Dettelbach is an Obama-era US. Attorney in Ohio and was nominated a few months ago. The Republicans standing against him say he’s backed gun control moves in the past, and this leads to a major problem for 2A.

The GOP leaders say he “Would Likely Continue Or Even Accelerate The ATF’s Attempts To Restrict Americans’ Rights And Erode Constitutional Restraints On Federal Power.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is one of those who signed the letter, and he said the Senate “should oppose this dangerous and highly partisan nominee.”

What Republicans want is a crackdown on criminals and enforcement of the law, rather than simply elected officials who “pander to the anti-gun left.” This has been a complaint among right-wing citizens for years.

Some GOP leaders have offered different alternatives to gun control, while continuing to uphold the rights of the people.

The ATF Director is a hugely significant position in Washington, and this individual has a lot of power. If it’s Dettelbach, Republicans and 2A advocates worry that he’ll target “law-abiding gun owners.”

The 2A battle rages on across the nation, and we’re seeing some surprises: for instance, a strict gun control measure that disappeared in the deep blue state of California.

However, if enough anti-2A politicos get into real positions of influence, the Constitution could be in a tenuous position. And those who support that document 100 percent are digging in their heels.

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