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Wisconsin Supreme Court Drops 4-3 Election Gavel – They Just Banned The Questionable Practice Of Drop Boxes

We are getting closer to the crucial midterm election season. And Democrats are scrambling to fight against the tide.

Democrats across the states are trying to find ways to “game” the system. But in one state, a major controversial practice was just shut down, thanks to their Supreme Court.

From Daily Wire:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has banned the use of unmanned ballot drop boxes for ballot collection in a tight decision released on Friday.

The court ruled 4-3 that voters could not turn their ballots into unmanned drop boxes and said that voters would not be allowed to give their ballots to others to drop off for them.

In a big win for election integrity, the Wisconsin Supreme Court banned unmanned ballot drop boxes.

Voters who want to use mail-in ballots will have to actually mail them in, or deliver the ballot in person at a polling place.

They will not be allowed to give their ballots to someone else to drop all.

Why such specific limits? Because in previous elections, these drop boxes were the center of controversy and suspicion.

Without these guidelines, there is little that could stop a fraudster from stuffing the ballot box with forged or stolen ballots.

These rules might also prevent ballot harvest, a practice Democrats use in other states to sway elections.

Under this ruling, voters will have to either hand in their ballot, proving their identity. Or, they can mail it through the Post Office, decreasing the likelihood of ballot stuffing.

Naturally, Wisconsin Democrats are outraged. Isn’t it funny how Democrats oppose basic rules that prevent runaway fraud?

Don’t they want safe and accurate elections?

This decision is a big win for the state, but The Battle Is Far From Over. As with every election, Americans need to be vigilant to ensure there is a fair and honest count.

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