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After Retired 3-Star General Jokes On Jill Biden – The Army Quickly Reacts By Suspending His Mentor Position

Democrats have infested every corner of our government. Even in the Armed Forces, their anti-Free Speech agenda is cutting people down left and right.

retired 3-Star general took to Twitter to criticize Jill Biden’s recent claims about women. For that evil crime, the man was suspended from a “mentor” post and is under investigation.

From Fox News:

A retired three-star general of the U.S. Army has been suspended from a “mentor” position after sarcastically congratulating first lady Jill Biden for learning “what a woman is.”

The Army confirmed the suspension to Fox News Saturday and confirmed speculation that the veteran was under internal investigation for mocking Biden.

Really? Is the Biden administration so insecure that they have to punish a retired general for making a joke?

This man isn’t currently serving. He was retired, with only a “mentor” position. Yet the Army thought it had the right to cut this man down.

All for what? Mocking someone. That’s it. Last time I checked, jokes are protected speech.

But not to the left. They have long ago abandoned the First Amendment since it got in their way.

Democrats demand complete conformity to their views and agenda (even when those views constantly change). To defy them means you will be canceled, shadow banned, or even attacked.

This general had the “gall” to call out Jill Biden over her defense of Roe. Like other Democrats, who just a few weeks ago refused to define the word “woman,” suddenly she is “standing up” for women’s rights.

That’s worth mocking if anything ever was. So, why should a retired general be scourged for pointing out the obvious?

This is merely another sign that “wokeism” has infested our Armed Forces. Joe Biden appointed leftists to lead the Pentagon.

And they spend more time complaining about gender pronouns than they do defending the country.

The news they are going after a retired general over a tweet? This won’t go well for any of them.

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