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Kid Rock Sends Heartfelt Message To Fans During Hometown Concert: “I thank all of you for an unbelievable life beyond my wildest dreams, I will forever love you so much”

Music legend Kid Rock sent a heartfelt message to his fans in Detroit during a concert at the Pine Knob Music Theatre last night. Rock confirmed this may be his last tour, at least for a while, because he has two grandkids he wants to spend time with.

Rock left the door open to returning to touring before thanking the fans from his hometown for giving him a ‘life beyond his wildest dream.’

Rock said: “You never know what the future holds. But if we do a few events a year, it’d be a pretty safe bet that something will be in Michigan. Maybe we’ll get bored in a few years and go at it again.

“But I tell ‘em every night, if this was my last time here it’s been great.

“I thank all of you especially, here in my hometown, for an unbelievable life beyond my wildest dreams.

“You’ve been such a huge part of that. And I will forever love you so much.”

According to The Detroit Free Press:

At 51, Rock has held onto his voice, still getting to the high notes on songs such as “Born Free,” performed Friday in its original key.

Singer Kat Perkins, a onetime “The Voice” semifinalist who’s now part of his backing trio, was his duet partner for “Picture.”

Four new songs made the set, including a pair — “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” and “We the People” — that serve as Kid Rock’s political middle finger, packed with MAGA messages, anti-media sentiments and a call for populist unity.

The latter was preceded by a video intro from former President Donald Trump, who prompted wild cheers when he described Kid Rock fans as “the true backbone of our great country — hardworking, God-fearing, rock ‘n’ roll patriots.”

“Let’s make America rock again,” Trump said, donning a red hat with that slogan.

Rock saved his most strenuous song for last, wrapping up the night with “Bawitdaba.”

Kid Rock also just released a new single:

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