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After Pro-Life Flight Attendant Gets Fired By Southwest – A Texas Jury Hands Her Justice With A $5M Payout

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade sparked a nationwide eruption. Blue states immediately began to protect abortion rights, while red states sought to ban most abortion operations.

At the same time, the Biden administration continues to push its pro-choice agenda. So, despite the SCOTUS victory for pro-life citizens, many still feel as if they’re facing an uphill battle.

But One Such Citizen Is Celebrating A Momentous Win Of Her Own — And It Resonates For All Pro-Life Americans.

The rules are clear: employers can’t fire people because of religious or political beliefs. But that appears to be what happened to Southwest Airlines flight attendant Charlene Carter.

Carter was allegedly fired for expressing her anti-abortion views, as the Transportation Workers Union of America (TWU) Local 556 Union didn’t take her side. They apparently thought her views were grounds for termination.

Carter immediately fought back and sued for her rights, accusing Southwest and the TWU of blatantly ignoring the law of the land.

Now, a Texas federal jury has decided that in fact, this flight attendant was in the right. As a result, they’ve given her a life-changing settlement, and pro-lifers consider this a well-deserved victory.

From Breitbart:

A federal jury in Texas awarded a former flight attendant millions of dollars after she was fired in light of her abortion views.

The decision happened after the Transportation Workers Union of America (TWU) Local 556 union, along with Southwest Airlines, fired Charlene Carter regarding her religious conviction, Fox Business reported Friday.

On her Facebook page, Carter says she gives “glory to Jesus” for this win, and thousands stepped up to congratulate her for sticking to her guns on this issue.

She also told Fox Business that it was a “victory for Freedom of Speech and religious beliefs.” It really comes down to a Constitution issue for most people, and it seemed clear that Carter’s rights had been violated.

The National Right to Work Foundation followed up with this tweet:

Carter’s response:

I am so humbled and thankful for today’s decision and for everyone who’s supported me these past five years, including the National Right to Work Foundation.

This is the end of a long-running lawsuit that stretched back to 2019.

That’s when Carter turned to National Right to Work for help, after the situation turned difficult. Carter spoke out against the union attending the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and also called them out for getting funding from Planned Parenthood.

Back in 2017, Thomas D. Williams PhD wrote:

While the march’s website claims that ‘we join in diversity’ by ‘defending the most marginalized among us,’ women who are pro-life or defend traditional marriage and family fall outside the stated qualifications of those who wish to march and are not welcome.

Although organizers hail the event as a ‘grassroots effort,’ in reality, it is a massive top-down, choreographed assembly paid for by major donors such as George Soros and Planned Parenthood, ‘helmed by four national co-chairs and a national coordinating committee who are working around the clock to pull it all together.’

This is the sort of thing Carter highlighted and wasn’t afraid to discuss.

However, this evidently cost her her job, and that’s when the legal struggle began. She’s been fighting for years so that $5 million is likely going to come in very handy.

In the end, this settlement proves that juries will still uphold our Constitutional rights, provided individuals are willing to fight for them.

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