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Biden’s Middle East Trip Goes Off The Rails – Senator Cotton Claims Joe’s Begging The “Worst Of Both Worlds”

Joe Biden was blasted by all sides when he announced his trip to Saudi Arabia. Even American energy companies criticized him for begging the Saudis for oil—when we have plenty here.

Well, the trip was as bad as you expected. It started with an awkward “fist bump” that angered everyone.

It only got worse.

From The Western Journal:

And Prince Mohammed took Biden’s rhetoric so seriously that he’s now using it to taunt the administration over the United States’ reported human rights failings…

Saudi officials — including the crown prince — reportedly taunted Biden over his concern for Khashoggi, according to left-leaning investigative journalism outlet The Intercept.

And after all that, Republican Sen. Cotton summed up the disastrous trip quite well.

From Fox News:

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told “America Reports” on Friday that President Biden ostracizing Saudi Arabia has created the “worst of both worlds.” Cotton said the Biden administration needs help from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after calling it a “pariah state.”

Joe Biden, while still a candidate, claimed he would turn Saudi Arabia into the “pariah” of the world.

Yet now, a few years later, Biden was going to the country to beg for oil (when we have oil to spare that’s not being drilled).

Biden tried to appease liberals and the U.S. media by criticizing the crown prince over the death of Khashoggi. But Saudi leaders humiliated Biden by turning the accusations on his head.

A Muslim nation with few civil rights granted to citizens mocked the United States for our “human rights” violations.

That is a joke. And no true American leader would have put up with such an insult. President Trump would not have stayed there another minute under those pretenses.

And he would have left gladly, knowing he didn’t need Saudi oil.

But Biden only further cowered before the Saudi rulers, because he needs them to pump more oil.

Biden refuses to lift restrictions on U.S. oil, to keep environmental extremists happy. But he can’t be friendly with the Saudis too much, or the liberal media will be outraged.

But he can’t stand up to the Saudis, because he needs them to provide the oil.

Dang, Cotton was right. This really was the worst of both worlds. If only we had a president with a backbone…


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