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Biden Just Lost The Cornerstone Of His Campaign – This Will Cost Him The Election As Republicans Win Over Hispanics

You can probably guess what’s coming. Joe Biden, baffling just about everyone, continues to fail to correct course—despite endless crises and failures.

A new Quinnipiac University approval poll has come out. And, yes, Biden’s approval is even lower.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s approval rating among Americans has dropped to 31%, hitting a new all-time low of his presidency, according to a new poll.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to this same poll, a majority of Democrats don’t want Joe to run again.

From Fox News:

…71% of  Americans said they do not want Biden to seek re-election in 2024. Among Democrats, only 40% said that they would like to see him run again, while 54% do not want Biden to be the Democratic nominee.

That’s bad enough. But things are getting very bad for Joe and Democrats among Hispanic voters.

From Fox News:

The Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday also revealed the president’s support among Hispanics stands at just 19%.

That is very bad news for his party. And if you think it’s just Joe Hispanics are angry with, think again.

From The Hill:

A New York Times-Siena College poll this month found that only 41 percent of Hispanics said they intended to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterms, while 38 percent said they preferred GOP candidates.

Joe Biden’s approval among Hispanic Americans is at a shockingly bad 19%. But that’s not the whole story.

According to a New York Times poll, only 41% of Hispanics intend to vote for Democrats this year. Thirty-eight percent of those asked plan to vote for Republicans.

This is devastating news for a party that relies on minority support. But it should as no surprise to anyone paying attention.

For years, Democrats have treated Hispanics with disrespect. They wrongly assumed that all Hispanic Americans support their radical, open border policy.

It never occurred to Democrats to many Hispanics are natural-born Americans or legal immigrants. And that these Americans aren’t interested in seeing migrants jump the border.

That’s especially true for the many Hispanics who live along the border in Texas, who have watched their homes get overrun by criminals.

Hispanics’ exodus from the party is largely thanks to Joe Biden’s tremendous failures. Joe has ignored the border crisis—and has done nothing to help border communities.

On top of that, his inflation-producing policies have hurt all Americans, including work-class minorities who are struggling to make ends meet.

Did Democrats really think they could mistreat, ignore, and insult so many Americans and get away with it?

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