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Woke Starbucks Forced To Shut Down Numerous Stores – Democrat Policies Just Backfired Bigly On CEO Schultz

You probably heard about how Starbucks—the largest coffee chain in the country—closed 16 stores in blue cities.

After using its wealth to support liberal candidates, the massive company is now complaining about the dangers of working in Democrat-run cities.

But it’s far from over. Starbucks CEO just declared “America has become unsafe.”

From Fox Business:

“We’re listening to our people and closing stores, and this is just the beginning. There are going [to] be many more,” he stated.

“I don’t have to spend too much time on what’s going on in the country and how America has become unsafe, but you all read the press release the last couple of days about the fact that we are beginning to close stores that are not unprofitable,” Schultz continued.

All of America has not become unsafe. Democrat-run parts of America have become unsafe.

And it’s because of the very policies Schultz and his company have endorsed for years that created this problem.

It’s no secret that Starbucks’ top executives push woke ideology like few others. Before many other corporations embraced far-left ideas, Starbucks was doing it.

(They even once promised to employ 100,000 migrants—in a stab against Donald Trump.)

But then he said someting that I never expected.

Check this out:

He doesn’t say Democrats specifically, but let’s be honest. We know who is making these choices. Starbucks has cited issues with having to keep the bathrooms open for the public whether they are a paying customer or not. Guess where that is taking place? Not in red states, thats for sure.

He cites a whole host of other issues in these poorly run cities and states for reasons why Starbucks is closing stores and all I can think is….well you deserve it.

Starbucks’ profits have gone to help promote the left’s agenda. They’ve helped see Democrats get elected to all levels of government.

Yet now that their own liberal ideas are hurting cities, they want to blame America?


Had Starbucks embraced law-and-order candidates or, at the very least, stayed out of politics perhaps this wouldn’t have happened.

But because Schultz and other executives needed to parade around their liberal merit badges, it has come to this.

It’s pretty despicable that, now that these cities are failing, Starbucks is cutting and running.

All the folks they helped get into this mess can’t so easily move away. All the inner city families Democrats convinced to vote for them can’t just up and move.

But Starbucks, after helping make this problem, is conveniently quitting Dodge.

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