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California Turns Heads With Texas Billboard – They’re Trying To Use 2nd Amendment To Talk Their Own Citizens Out Of Leaving

Democrats don’t care that thousands are fleeing their states? Not at all. California is watching as entire neighborhoods are emptying out.

The governor recently slammed Florida–the top destination for fleeing Americans. Newsom claimed (without evidence) that conservative Florida denied residents their freedom.

You really can’t make this up.

But California topped itself once again by posting billboards discouraging residents from leaving. And they definitely crossed a line.

From New York Post:

Mysterious new billboards are warning California residents not to move to Texas, as record numbers of residents flee the soft-on-crime Golden State for better quality of life in red states.

“The Texas Miracle died in Uvalde. Don’t move to Texas,” the billboards read, alongside a hooded figure and a crossed-out “Don’t mess with Texas” slogan.

Wow, this is a new low—even for California. The billboard takes a cheap shot at Texas’ support for gun rights by referencing the horrific tragedy at Uvalde.

The creator of the billboard is using this tragedy to both smear Texans, disgrace the memory of 19 innocent victims, and manipulate Californians from leaving.

It’s not clear who paid to put up this billboard. But they have gone up in major cities San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It’s one thing to disagree with the various gun laws from state to state. California Democrats are free to disagree with Texas’ strong, unwavering support of the Second Amendment.

But time and again, leftists use cheap, dishonest, and insulting tactics to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda. This might be the worst we’ve seen, though.

It only illustrates just how desperate California Democrats are getting. Numerous former Californians fled the state to go to Texas (among other red states).

These people were forced out of California thanks to rising taxes, high costs of living, and rampant crime.

(Not to mention the homeless crisis, legalized drugs, and endless illegal immigration.)

But the leftists who are ruining this state are trying to scare people from leaving. They refuse to grant these Americans constitutional freedoms–and now don’t want them to go to states that do.

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