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Democrat Senator ‘Declares War’ On Conservatives

Democrats are spiraling. They know they have long odds of keeping Congress after the midterms.

So, their only chance at winning is to distract from their failures–by attacking conservatives.

Biden has called Republicans “threats to democracy.” One Democrat said they need to “kill” the movement.

And now, far-left Democrat from Hawaii made the biggest statement yet.

From YouTube:

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono delivered “literally a call to arms” against pro-life Americans, during her remarks on the senate floor on 9/14/2022.

While droning on about her love for abortion, Sen. Mazie Hirono accused pro-life Americans of being worse than “hypocrites.”

Instead of urging compromise, instead of trying to understand her rival’s views, Hirono issued a “literal call to arms” against Republicans.

Um… who are the “threats to democracy” again?

I know Democrats really “care” about women’s rights. But are they really issuing a “call to arms” over abortion?

What is she saying? Literal is a pretty strong word when followed by “call to arms.”

Is she advocating pro-abortion activists use “arms” against pro-life Americans? What else can we conclude when she says “this is literal” (while smiling like a smug swamp lover)?

Wasn’t it the left who claimed Republicans were “dangerous” and “violent”? But I don’t hear any conservatives talking about picking up “arms” against their liberal mayors.

(And conservatives are the ones with all the firearms!)

It’s pretty rich that Hirono is saying Republicans are worse than hypocrites, while at the same kind using this kind of rhetoric.

For a long time, Democrats have claimed Republicans are “insurrectionists” and even “domestic terrorists.”

But imagine what the media would say if Rand Paul said “this is a literal call to arms” over an issue?

Yet Democrats are allowed to use such reckless and disrespectful language against fellow Americans–and expect to get away with it.

We’ve seen just how dangerous this kind of language has been in the past. Will Hirono apologize if somebody actually does something in response to her speech?

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