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18 Months After Biden Stops Trump Wall Construction

When Joe Biden entered office, he immediately put a stop to Donald Trump’s border wall.

His drastic, sudden change left valuable materials to rot in the Sun. And it left large portions of the border wall unfinished, leading to environmental damage.

Now, after nearly two years, Biden is quietly fixing what he broke.

From The Intercept:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that work on the border wall that began under Trump is revving back up under Biden…

The resumed operations will range from repairing gates and roads to filling gaps in the wall that were left following the pause on construction that Biden initiated in January 2021.

The Biden administration is resuming construction of Trump’s border wall–after Biden stopped the project in January 2021.

The reason? Well, if you believe Biden, it’s to address “environmental damage” from Trump’s construction project.

Really? You are resuming the border wall because it was hurting the environment? That doesn’t make much sense.

In reality, the environment around the border wall is in danger, because Joe stopped the project.

Contractors were in the middle of clearing land, digging, and preparing to build more of the wall–when Biden pulled the plug.

They literally dropped everything when Joe told them to shove off.

That is why the land was damaged because the contractors weren’t able to finish the job. So now, Biden has to scramble to resume the project, losing 18 months and millions of dollars in lost materials.

But that’s not even the real reason. Let’s be honest. Democrats are getting pounded by this border crisis.

Republicans figured out they can bus aliens from the border straight to the heart of liberal America.

Not even Marth’s Vineyard is safe from these border jumpers. Or is it just a coincidence that Biden is ramping up this project–after Republicans started bussing aliens?

Biden and his party continue to claim the border is under control. But we all know the facts.

Over 4 million illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took over. The crisis is unsustainable, no matter how you slice it.

Biden had to do something. But he doesn’t want anyone to know Trump was right.

Let’s make sure everyone does.

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