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Liberal Late-Night Host Booted After Ratings Plummet 75% – His “Time Is Up,” Says The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah

We’re starting to see some pretty dramatic shifts in the liberal-dominated entertainment sphere.

There are even significant changes to major news outlets, with Chris Wallace leaving Fox for CNN, which came as a surprise to some conservative viewers. Others applauded the move.

Then there was the addition of a conservative host to The View, though there was immediate backlash when reports came in that she might lean farther left.

Now, another top-tier liberal host is calling it quits — and it might be more evidence of a seismic change in the news and entertainment industry.

The Daily Show is one of the more popular late-night shows, though it has few – if any – staunch conservative viewers. Like most programs of this type, it has traditionally been all about the far-left message.

However, it’ll be interesting to see who they choose for a new host, because Trevor Noah is stepping down.

Noah has helmed the show for seven years but he announced on Thursday night that “my time is up.” He added that he loved hosting the show and it has been an “absolutely amazing journey.”

He added:

I feel like it’s time, I spent two years in my apartment not on the road, standup was done, and when I got back out there again I realized there’s another part of my life that I want to carry on exploring.

I miss learning other languages, I miss going to other countries and putting on shows.

Noah did not announce an official departure date.

But why is he really leaving? Just take a look at the numbers from DailyMail:

Nine years on, and viewing figures for the week of September 19-25 showed The Daily Show pulled in an audience of just 363,000…

Viewing figures were typically around 1.5 million for each episode during Stewart’s tenure and rose as high as 2.5 million in 2013.

Those are brutal numbers. That’s a drop of at least 75%. Blame it on what you will, but Gutfeld’s late-night competitor Gutfeld! is still pulling in around 2 million viewers.

A Comedy Central spokesperson told Deadline that they’re “excited for the next chapter in the 25-plus-year history of The Daily Show,” and said it “redefines culture through sharp and hilarious social commentary.”

It’s highly unlikely they’ll put a conservative or even a moderate Republican up there, but Noah’s quitting is definitely worth noting.

It might not be a matter of declining popularity – the program’s ratings weren’t discussed in the reports – but millions of Americans are tired of seeing and hearing the exact same message everywhere they go.

This includes news and entertainment, and we’re starting to see evidence that many are simply exhausted — the leftist agenda dominates everywhere.

And as that fatigue grows, it’s possible that we might see even more shifts away from the endless assault of “liberal good, right-wing bad” media.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Daily Show host Trevor Noah announced he’s quitting.
  • Noah hosted the show for 7 years and says it was an “amazing journey” but added that “my time is up.”
  • It appears as if more liberal hosts and personalities are making career shifts in the news and entertainment field.

Source: The Daily Caller, DailyMail

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