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President Biden Dragged into Federal Court – Judge on the Brink of Crippling Democrats in Midterms

What’s Happening:

You don’t have to be a political strategist to know that what Biden’s been doing over the last few weeks has been all about the midterms. His approval is tanking, so he is desperate to do something that will bamboozle enough voters to back his party.

That’s why he went after Republicans, calling them “semi-fascist.” And that’s why he’s trying to create a backdoor into legalizing marijuana. It’s also why he is willing to force taxpayers to cover a $500 billion bill–by “forgiving” student loans.

But a federal judge just might shut him down.

From Fox News:

A federal judge in Missouri will determine whether to temporarily block President Biden’s student loan handout after attorneys representing the administration and several Republican-led states gave their arguments at a Wednesday hearing.

Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Carolina challenged the program, claiming that the Department of Education lacks the authority to cancel debt to this degree.

State attorneys have argued that Biden does not have the authority to just cancel billions of dollars in student loans.

Lawyers from six states took Biden to court, accusing him of going around Congress.

Even Nancy Pelosi, last year, said the federal law requires Congress to decide if student loans can be forgiven.

But Biden, in a desperate bid to salvage the midterms, decided to put this tax burden on working Americans.

Now, a federal judge will have to decide if Biden actually has that legal authority.

If this judge rules against Biden’s move, it could shut down the entire student loan plan. It would set back Biden’s attempt at manipulating the midterms.

Democrats are facing major losses this November. Biden is largely to blame, as Americans believe it is his fault we are suffering inflation, high gas prices, and other notable crises.

Biden’s best defense for his student loan scheme? The HEROES Act of 2003 allows the Department of Education to “waive or modify” provisions related to student loans in case of national emergencies.

Of course, Biden is saying COVID is the emergency–even though he recently claimed that the emergency was over.

(Biden also claimed COVID was over when he rescinded policies that prevented people from coming over the border.)

It seems when it benefits Biden, COVID is just a memory. But if it can help him get votes, COVID is back!

Key Takeaways:

  • A federal judge will decide if Biden can forgive billions in student loans.
  • Six states have taken the administration to court over this plan.
  • Lawyers accuse Biden of trying to get around Congress to cancel this debt.

Source: Fox News

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