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Queen AOC Goes After President Biden – She Actually Thinks Joe’s New Pardon Should Cover Undocumenteds

What’s Happening:

In recent weeks, Joe Biden has gone to great extremes to salvage the left’s midterm changes. He’s tried to forgive billions in student loans. He’s tried to gaslight Americans against conservatives, calling them “threats to democracy.”

But he’s really getting desperate with his latest move. Biden is set to pardon thousands of federal convictions for marijuana possession. It is a step toward legalizing the drug, something Democrats only talk about when they are really in trouble.

Apparently, though, that isn’t good enough for resident imbecile Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Because she wants Biden to pardon drug offenders who are in the country illegally. From Just the News:

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to see President Joe Biden extend his executive order pardoning simple marijuana possession offenses to cover illegal immigrants…

“His executive order discriminates based on immigration status, which is frankly upsetting and inexcusable.”

A policy expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, meanwhile, argues that such an expansion would “undoubtedly benefit illegal alien drug traffickers.”

There ya go. One of AOC’s desires would benefit drug traffickers who jump the border. Not that we’re all surprised.

The so-called socialist criticized Biden for not extending his (possibly unconstitutional) pardon for drug offenders to include illegal immigrants. The fake Marxist claims Biden is discriminating against those who shouldn’t even be in the country in the first place.

Oh, poor Joe. You torched your reputation and presidency to cater to the far left. The “moderate” Biden died the moment he entered the White House–as he pushed extreme, socialist plans to placate idiots like AOC.

But even as he upsets centrists and conservatives (as well as many liberals), he can’t even win over progressive Democrats. This is why you never kowtow to the left. If you give them an inch, they take a mile. And they want to give that mile to illegals. It’s really quite pathetic. Biden is such a failure, he is losing his own party.

We’ll have to see if he, once again, bows to AOC and tries to pardon this group. It could force this to federal courts faster than it was already moving.

Key Takeaways:

  • AOC criticized Biden’s marijuana pardon because it did not include border jumpers.
  • The “socialist” went as far as to accuse Biden of committing discrimination.
  • Experts claim that pardoning this group will benefit drug traffickers.

Source: Just the News

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