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Nancy Pelosi’s Answer For Inflation Spells Doom For Dems In November: “We’ll have to message it better in the next three weeks ahead, inflation’s an issue”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to put on a brave face ahead of the critical midterms. The momentum has swung to the GOP because Biden and his team sat back and watched inflation cripple America.

It is mostly food, housing, and fuel now and Biden’s answer to stop it is to let the Fed drive this country into a recession. But someone needs to tell Joe that food, housing, and fuel are not discretionary spending but essential.

So his solution will do nothing but increase the pain because we all have to eat. Pelosi finally addressed the dreaded I word with a telling admission. Rather than offer a solution she says the Dems need to have better messaging on the issue in the few weeks left before the midterms so as to dupe America into keeping them in power.

That answer should and will get her fired in November.

She said: “Inflation’s an issue, but it’s global. It’s global. What’s the Republicans’ plan? They ain’t got nothing.

“When you bring down unemployment, inflation goes up.

“So in any case, President Biden brought unemployment down, cut it in half.

“Inflation is there but it’s global and not as bad as it is in some countries.

“We’ll have to message it better in the next three weeks ahead.

“I think we’re in great shape.

“Other people don’t want to believe that.”

“We’re going to win this election so I don’t even entertain that notion.

“But it should be of concern to the Republicans.

“The battle for control of the House is one race at a time.

“People talk.

“We’re not running for president.

“We’re running one race at a time.

“All these pundits in Washington – a year and a half of you guys were saying ‘You can’t win….History says.

“And we’re like ‘What do you mean about history says?’ We’re talking about the future.”

“We’ll have enough money.

“But our members have much more and they can buy TV time at a cheaper rate.

“I do think that when we win, we have to pass the bill that reduces the impact of that big, dark money because it just chokes and suffocates the airwaves.

“And that’s what they’re doing with their lies,” she said.

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