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Washington D.C. School Bus Driver Arrested – Days After Kamala’s Yellow Bus Speech, Drunk Bus Operator Drives Kids into Ditch

What’s Happening:

Just last week, Kamala Harris–a woman sidelined by her own administration–gushed like an idiot about school buses. She was on hand to celebrate the wasting of over a billion dollars on electric school buses. Not on education. Not on textbooks. School buses.

The imbecile went on and on about how great it was to ride a school bus. Sure, Kamala. That’s the highlight of every student’s day: getting onto a smelly, unsafe, unpleasant yellow eye soar. Oh, and sometimes the bus driver gets drunk and drives the kids into a ditch!

From Biz Pac Review:

Fairfax County, Va., police claim that after failing a field sobriety test, the operator — who reportedly ran the bus off the road and into a ditch — allegedly registered a .20 blood alcohol content at a local jail, more than twice the legal limit in that state and most other states.

To make matters worse, the driver, 48, a Maryland resident, allegedly was behind the wheel of the school bus with its precious cargo while operating on a revoked Virginia license (from a previous DWI) and a suspended Maryland license, which perhaps raises fundamental questions about the school district’s screening process.

Wow. Way to go Washington! A bus driver was arrested after testing drunk while driving a school bus. The person was so wasted that they drove the bus into a ditch, endangering the lives of 44 students and adults.

Nine students had to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. What’s even more ridiculous was that the driver’s licenses (both in Maryland and Virginia) had previously been revoked for–wait for it–drunk driving. Um… why didn’t the school system know about this?

You’d think that they would have been alerted about this driver’s situation. Or at least have regular checks to make sure their drivers are, you know, licensed to drive!? But we’d expect nothing less from government-run school systems infested with Democrats who waste taxpayer dollars on buses–while literally neglecting students’ lives.

Democrats care more about putting CRT and drag queens into our schools than ensuring our children are safe and learning. Thanks to Democrats, two years of our children’s educations were wiped out, due to their lockdowns. Now, they can’t even ensure children get home safe from school.

Source: Biz Pac Review

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