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Hours After GOP Secures House Majority, 2 Republicans Officially Launch Investigation into Biden and Family

What’s Happening:

As you might imagine, the consequences of the 2022 midterms are already being felt. And some Republicans are wasting no time making good on campaign promises. Republicans fought to retake the House.

With their majority assured, Republicans will now head powerful committees. They will be able to do what Democrats have refused to do for the last four years. And two Republican leaders are hitting the ground running, big time. They are setting their sights on the “big guy” himself.

From Just the News:

Kentucky Rep. James Comer and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan — the next chairmen of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, respectively — held a press conference detailing their plans to investigate the Biden family’s business dealings and alleged criminal activity when Republicans officially take control of the House in January when a new Congress is sworn in.

Comer and Jordan will be leading two powerful House committees in the new session. And they have already announced they will be launching investigations into–not only Hunter Biden–but the entire Biden family.

In a press conference, they alleged some serious charges against Joe himself.

From Fox News:

Republican Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan alleged… that President Biden was actively involved in overseas business dealings alongside his son Hunter…

The representatives alleged that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden participated in “waste, fraud, and abuse” in international business dealings.

The Republicans say they have uncovered evidence of conspiracy to defraud the U.S., wire fraud, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, money laundering, tax evasion and other crimes.

Woah. This is much bigger than we thought. Over the last two years, we’ve heard about some bad dealings Hunter Biden was engaged in, while Joe was vice president. But, based on whistleblower claims, Republican lawmakers are saying the Bidens were involved in much more.

They even say Joe Biden had a “10% equity stake” through Hunter’s deals. Reports claim the Bidens brought in millions through their connections with China, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries. And they are also accusing the Bidens of swindling American investors out of “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

And they say Joe Biden knew and participated in all of this.

Who knows what these investigations will uncover? Democrats will certainly work overtime to protect Biden and perhaps hide the facts. But don’t be surprised if bombshells start coming in fast and fierce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republican lawmakers are launching investigations against Joe Biden and his family.
  • They have accused the Biden family of engaging in illegal deals with foreign countries.
  • Republicans also allege the Bidens have swindled American investors out of money.

Source: Just the News, Fox News

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