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After Queen AOC Blames Republicans for Bill Failure – It Turns Out Her Own Democrat Party Shot It Down Too

What’s Happening:

We are drawing to the end of yet another year with self-proclaimed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Democrat has yet to distinguish herself as a strong leader. But she has distinguished herself as a big mouth.

AOC recently complained that this particular socialist holy grail failed to get done in the first two years under Joe Biden. Of course, she blamed Republicans for the bill failing to get passed in Congress. Then, she was faced with the facts.

From Fox News:

From Fox News:

In a tweet on Monday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested Republicans were to blame for Congress failing to raise the minimum wage last year…

Democrats introduced the bill, but unlike AOC’s tweet suggests, the bill had bipartisan support. It also had opposition from Republicans and Democrats



As usual, AOC opted to be a bitter partisan, instead of looking at the facts. After accusing Republicans of opposing a bill to raise the minimum wage, fact-checkers told a few uncomfortable facts.

The minimum wage hasn’t changed since 2009. Meaning, Democrats had many chances–since Obama was in office–to raise it, but failed. The most recent bill to increase the MW came out in 2021, while Democrats had control of both the House and Senate.

Eight Democrats in the House opposed it. While three Republicans supported it. The bill failed to pass in the Senate because seven Democrats and one independent joined Republicans to block it. AOC has no business blaming Republicans when Democrats had control of both chambers.

Why isn’t AOC calling on her own party to get something done? It seems pretty hypocritical of her to blame Republicans even though enough Democrats stopped a minimum wage increase from happening.

The minimum wage argument has been raging for years. Many workers are demanding an increase to the federal MW, to $15 an hour. Some want much higher wages. But Democrats have managed to block the movement, to appease their corporate allies.

AOC can whine all she wants. But her party is as much a part of the problem as anyone else.

Key Takeaways:

  • AOC blamed Republicans for Congress’s failure to raise the minimum wage.
  • Fact-checkers pointed out that Democrats have not passed a MW bill since 2009.
  • The latest bill to raise the MW failed in 2021, because Democrats voted against it.

Source: Fox News

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