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2024 Election Report Stuns Washington – The Top 2 Candidates Didn’t See This Coming

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In the months following Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign announcement, he has faced strong opposition from the liberal establishment. Over the Spring, Democrats indicted Trump four times, both at the federal and state level. Many critics claim these indictments are politically motivated, as Democrats seek means of derailing Trump’s election chances.

Despite these indictments and other controversies, Trump is leading the GOP primaries. He enjoys a strong lead over his closest rivals. Many expect the 2024 Election to be a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Most polling had the two candidates tied or with Biden enjoying a small lead. That is, until, the most recent ABC News poll.

From The Post Millennial:
52 percent of registered American voters said they would back the former president in a hypothetical repeat match-up between White House rivals Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Only 42 percent went for Biden in a new poll out by ABC News and Washington Post. This marks a massive 10-point lead for Trump…

The outlet said numerous factors could explain Biden’s poor showing in the polls, including his lackluster performance ratings, widespread discontent regarding the American economy, the illegal immigration crisis at the US border, and concerns surrounding his old age.

In a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden in the general election by ten points. This is a dramatic increase for Trump, and potentially outside the margin of error.

This news is especially significant, given the timing. Trump faces four indictments, on numerous charges. He was recently arrested and booked in Georgia, with prosecutors releasing his mugshot to the public. Trump has refused to attend any of the Republican primary debates, which has been criticized by some voters.

Despite this, he has a seemingly growing lead against Joe Biden, the Democratic incumbent. ABC stated that “numerous factors” are hurting Biden’s re-election chances. For most of his administration, Biden has been dogged by abysmal approval ratings. The economy has floundered on Joe’s watch. And he has been unable to assure Americans who are worried about his advanced age.

The liberal-leaning outlet even admitted that the crisis at the U.S. border is a factor in Biden’s lagging performance.

It’s unclear if Trump’s lead will hold or continue to grow. There is still over a year before the general election. Is it possible for Biden to overcome this gap and retake the lead? Skeptics are sure to say no.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump is leading Biden in a new ABC poll by ten points.
  • Voters are preferring Trump to Biden by 51% to 42%.
  • This comes as the Biden administration suffers many setbacks and poor approval.

Source: The Post Millennial

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